Music makes us more effective in life

Music is a beautiful remedy against this daily stress, and it is a source of inspiration for others and for Senegalese who do not like school, it plays the role of educator.

What does music do?

Music understands us, it adopts us and expresses its words through the sound of your instrument. We were fascinated by the creation of Thierry de May and his teams for the demonstration of "Light Music". Yes, music also creates emotions and takes us into its world as tender or robust as the "vibe" of Rock. But music moves our head, shoulders, hips, stomach, feet and even our brain. As fantastic as a ballad on the Caribbean, music triggers an instinct of peace, with extraordinary clichés of life. Humans have long appreciated and played music, defining each originality through their instruments. This is why the tongue drum is so comfortable in the street and each melody expresses a journey.

Music makes you intelligent

Mathematicians cannot be said to be intelligent, let's just say they have steel tongue drum a lot of grey matter to spend with numbers and calculations. But we can say that musicians are smart with the creation of jazz and classical music which are impeccable masterpieces. We will then talk about education in the form of music, or the school of art that maintains the brain and activates our creative spirit which is a human gift. And as expressive as it is, music influences our lives and that of society as well. Music does us good during pregnancy, to put baby to sleep and the child is more independent when listening to classical music. Music consoles us when we are lost in the gloomy atmosphere of life, it lulls us into memories and cures us of our anxiety.

Music is therefore necessary everywhere and it can even fire your therapist. But you also need to know how to listen to good music, not good music the nerds.