The regroupment of 6 different scales in one tongue drum

The Multi-scale Beat Root tongue drum could be a tunable tongue drum regrouping 6 completely different scales in one tongue drum. It’s an equivalent characteristics because the electro-acoustic version (equipped with a piezzo electro-acoustic transducer and a vi.3 millimeter jack plug) however most of all it comes with a clever system of standardization that permits you to pass from one scale to a different in a very few seconds only!

Promoting style through music

The tongue drum (also named steel tongue drum) could be a melodic percussive instrument that promotes style through music. Its soft, quiet and melodious sounds build it a preferred instrument for music medical aid and reflexology. Its handling is extremely simple and puckish so from the primary strive you'll be able to produce melodies which will enchant you with their beauty. To play our tongue drum you'll be able to use your hands or mallets (included). No worries to own whereas enjoying it as no false note is feasible. You simply have to be compelled to let it go and revel in the instant.

Turning in one scale

A tongue drum is tuned in precisely one scale however the Beat Root Multiscale tongue drum is that 1st tunable tongue drum used wherever you want to play between 6 completely different scales. The 6 scales are chosen with care so you'll be able to have completely different melodies in keeping with your moods. The Zen scale, for instance, is ideal for contemplative or self-examining atmospheres whereas the happy scale has heat and cheerful sounds. The transition from one scale to a different is extremely quick and takes solely a couple of seconds due to a clever standardization system. A way to increase the size of our tunable tongue drum thanks to its electro-acoustic transducer associate degreed jack wire you'll be able to plug our Multiscale tongue drum to an amp (Guitar or Bass), a bearing pedal or a sound card for infinite potentialities. You’ll be able to conjointly play it vacant else connected as no electricity is required to create it work.

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